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100% No B.S. Policy
No fads, gimmicks, bullshit 'training' programs or butter in coffee at Royale Fitness.
No Hand Holding
We will be there for you BUT we cannot do it for you.
Application Only
We want to help YOU but we only accept people that are a good fit for our already amazing community.
  • We will show you how to train EXACTLY for your goals (you don't even need to think, just show up)
  • You will have a community of like minded men - They will push you, help you and keep you motivated (unlike normal gyms where you need to self motivate)
  • Turn your body into a weapon - this is what we do best
The Time Is NOW
You will wish that you did this 5 years ago
Luther Baker - Football Athlete training with us to get stronger, faster, leaner and stay injury free... 3 years in, so far so good.
Jake Cullen - Started to create a more positive lifestyle, now is studying nutrition and making huge shifts in his body, mind and career.
Troy McKenna - Switched from a 24/7 gym to learn how to train for performance, strength and gain more functional muscle
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