"Young Fit Mum's Program"

Do You Want To Get Your Best Body Back Whilst Improving Fitness, Strength and Your Energy?
Most mum's have tried EVERYTHING to hit their body goals, change their mindset and finally feel confident to do and wear whatever the hell they want again.

Unfortunately they don't find something that suits them and their lifestyle or it isn't sustainable for the long term...

That is until they found Royale Fitness
 What Is Royale FItness?
Royale Fitness isn’t ‘just a gym’, it isn’t CrossFit, it isn't 'Functional Fitness', it isn’t a quick fix place to go and just get thrown into a few short circuits with no long term plan or care for you as an individual.
We are a group of women who believe in pushing the limits and are constantly striving to be the best versions of ourselves across all areas of our lives.

It has been proven that if you are struggling in your body whether it is from being out of shape, not happy in your skin, weak, tired or even injured that it will severely affect other areas such as your relationships, your career or business and worst of all YOUR MIND.

Out of this need, Royale Fitness was born.

You will be surrounded by a great community of likeminded women and one of our expert coaches which will fast track your training and body like you have never seen before.

Couple this with how strong and fit we will make you, add in some mindset tools and strategies and you will 10X your life and be ecstatic with the result.

We work with a large variety of people but we coach and make your experience specific to you. We have highly driven women who train with us to help deal with their high stress jobs and lifestyles, mum’s wanting to feel like their old self again, women just looking to feel more confident in their body and girls looking to be in their best shape ever for a holiday or a wedding. 

If this sounds like you then Royale Fitness will be the most positive experience and soon to be one of the most positive places in your life.  

All you need to do is fill out our application form by clicking one of the big green buttons below and we will help you find the best program, training group and coach for YOU.

I hope to see you in our facility soon.

- Team Royale Fitness 

"I thought my body was ruined from pregnancy"
"I am beyond wrapt with my results.  

I thought my body was ruined from pregnancy and I would never look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. 

I never thought I could get myself to this point or I would feel this way about myself. 

 Self confidence is something I have really struggled with and to now feel confident in my own skin. There aren't words to describe how incredible that is for me." - Sam
"Sustainable healthy habits"
We focus on creating sustainable healthy habits, gaining strength, fitness and core strength all to help maximise our confidence, energy, mental health and have a positive outlet for ourselves each week.
"Anytime I want to feel inspired, I look at my wife"
Without realising it you are not only taking back your body and mind for yourself but you are inspring your whole family in the process. 
What Does Our Memberships Include?
We have a few different options (depending on what it will take to help hit your goals the fastest)

But with ALL of our memberships you can expect:
  • Your Own Personal Expert Coach to guide you through absolutely all of your weight training, core training, cardio training and flexibility work (Valued at $60 Per Week - this will be done in your 915am Group Sessions of which we help you choose the perfect group for your current level based of your application form).
  • ​Unlimited Access to our 45min Cardio Sweat Sessions (Valued at $35 per Week - these are all timed based workout so everybody can go as hard as they are capable without holding anybody back or waiting for others to finish... Also great for burning extra fat and accelerating cardio fitness)
  • ​Access to our open gym facilities to work on anything extra that you and your coach thinks you need to add in
  • ​1 Month Free of Unlimited 45min Infrared Sauna Sessions (Valued at $180) -  we use saunas for a huge range of reasons (you will understand when you get to experience these)
  • 1 Month Free of Unlimited Float Therapy Sessions (Valued at $210 - At RF we don't just believe in a healthy body, our float tank is one of the best ways to develop a healthy mind and compliments our training in amazing ways)
  • ​Guaranteed Access To Our Seminars and Elite Programs of which we delve into deeper nutrition strategies, mindset tools and tricks, meditation sessions and much more (Value - Priceless)
  • ​Instant Access to our nutritional habits - 28 day transformation book (Valued at $37)
  • ​You will be a part of our Facebook Community where we teach, keep you up to date with events and help you set yourself up for success through regular motivation and reminders
  • ​Huge Discounts to our Wellness Studio Services (20% in most cases)
  • ​Heaps More (You will have to join us to find out ;-)
You can get ALL of this plus more starting next week (with a 100% money back guarantee*)
Supermum of 3 and now a fitness inspiration for her family - Michelle
"Before and after can't believe how far I've come in 6 months23kg gone!! Thanks heaps to the Royale Fitness Family - Bring on the next 6 months!" - Kellie
"You guys know how I feel about the work you do. The gym used to be a chore for me before Royale Fitness but now it's a part of my life and it makes me happy to walk through those doors every time" - Kate staying fit and active during her first pregnancy under the guidance and support of the experienced coaches at RF
What Is Different About The 915am Crew And Some Safety Rules?
  • Kids are welcome to 915am sessions, we have a big corner space for them to hang out and play!! 
  • ​We ask that if they are having one of those days where they are running around and full of energy or crying etc that you comfort them or just make sure they aren't in danger of swinging kettlebells or bars that other mum's are using. (Gym equipment is hard and heavy so we say this to protect both your children and those who are training).
  • ​You get FULL ACCESS to all of the 915am time table (see below) and are not locked into specific days
  • ​Unfortunately during the night sessions we can't have them in (there could be anywhere from 30-50 people in at these times and it can get quite crazy)
  • ​The 915 crew is all mum's so you will have a heap to talk about and will most likely make some long term friends and a support group also.
  • ​You will have access to the nightly sweat sessions and all Friday and Saturday classes too, so if you happen to miss the morning or you need a short night time escape we have you covered :) 
Mum of 2, works full time and is in incredible shape - Loz
"I'm more able to be physically and emotionally available to my children and husband." 
"I'm super happy with my results and motivated to keep it going. 
I'm wearing clothes I never thought I'd fit into again, my (what felt like) negative mindset has shifted and I'm more able to be physically and emotionally available to my children and husband". -  Chrissie
"In honor of a nearly 10 year difference I introduce to you Maree from 2008 ... she had little self esteem, didn’t understand the meaning of self love, ate and drank away her feelings and literally partied non stop each and every weekend like a sailor on his first trip back to land .... fast forward 10 years and I am the fittest I’ve ever been physically and mentally... I continually push myself to try and succeed in areas of my life I never thought possible and I truely love the skin I live in..... little self inspiration post to prove your the only barrier in any journey - believe in yourself and stop saying “can’t”" - Maree
Watch The Video Below To Get Fired Up & To Show You A Snippet Of What We Do At Royale Fitness!