Just because you are locked in at home doesn't mean you can't dramatically progress in your BODY, MIND and LIFE...

Be ready to launch for when everything is back to normal
 Royale Fitness Apocalypse Training Protocol 
The Underground Playbook For Transforming Your Body At Home With Minimal Equipment...
"Solid AF Session, I am Excited For The Rest!" - Ricky Shortis

What The Hell Is The RF Apocalypse Protocol? 

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Stay Fit and Strong During The COVID-19 Lockdown...

Just because your gym is closed and things are crazy out there doesn't mean you need to put your health, fitness and strength on hold

What you can do personally could change your life forever

There are 2 types of people in any crisis

1) The person who freaks out, sees all of the bad news and does nothing except smash heaps of food and binge watch Netflix

2) The person who spend the extra free time that they have in improving themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and even with education in preparation for when things go back to normal

We are offering an opportunity for people just like you to be in the 'growth group'...

Come out the other side of this bizarre time fitter, leaner and stronger than ever

Be ready to launch when it is time, this is what the top level athletes, investors, business owners and even driven employees will be doing.

They will be in preparation to make huge progress and take what they want due to the preparation that they put in right now...

What Does The Apocalypse Training Protocol Include?

  • Elite Training Programs: The stuff that the 'Insta Celebs' and 'Youtubers' are preaching is crap, it always has been and now that we aren't in the gym actually coaching people we have time to produce on demand high level workouts that you can follow from home on your phone or TV. You will access to Barbell, Kettlebell, Bodyweight, Yoga, Pilates, Band Sessions and plenty more... Literally everything that you will ever need.
  • 1-1 Accountability Coaching: We are fully aware of how hard it is to train at home and by yourself. This is why Royale Fitness exists, however at this current point in time we have no choice but to make do. Our 1-1 accountability protocol will have you on track and held to your word by our top coaches multiple times per week. (No slacking off :)
  • Borrow Our Equipment: No equipment? No worries... There are many types of workouts that you will have access to that doesn't require anything however we have purchased more BRAND NEW equipment just for this program so we can set you up with everything that you will need until the gyms open back up as normal 
  • No Lock In Contract (But you will be able to lock in the massively discounted price even once we open back up and Royale returns to normal) This alone can save you over $780 per year in your specialized training
  • Bulletproof Your Mind Bonuses: This program is set up so you thrive not only in your body but your mind, finances and relationships also, this section alone will be worth the price of membership